Rains Retreat and Beyond.

Every year, monastics undertake a three month retreat called Vassa or Rains Retreat. During this time we stay in one place, pause our usual activities and focus on our meditation practice.

For the 2022 Rains Retreat, Bhante Akaliko will be staying at Wat Pa Tam Wua, a picturesque forest monastery in in north-western Thailand, close to the border with Myanmar. The monastery has been highly recommended lots of people and is known for its kind community of monks, which includes Thai, America and Indian monks. The Monastery also functions as a retreat centre with over 50 places for lay guests to get a feeling for a retreat in monastic setting.

Bhante Akaliko will be out of contact for the three month period of the Rains Retreat from 14th July to 10th October.

Teaching in Singapore and Malaysia

Palelai Temple Singapore


See below for an overview of Bhante Akaliko’s events in Malaysia and Singapore.

  • 29th Oct–6th Nov: Singapore, Buddhist Fellowship and Rainbodhi SG
  • 7th–10th Nov: Malacca temple stay
  • 11–13th Nov: Malacca Brahmavihara Monastery (3 day Retreat)
  • 14th–28th Nov: Buddhist Maha Vihara KL (2 week stay) 
  • 29th Nov–2nd Dec 2022: Sasanarakkha Buddhist Sanctuary
  • 3rd–5th Dec: Buddhist Gem Fellowship, (3 day retreat)  
  • 7th–12th Dec: Maha Satipatthana Buddhist Society, Klang (5 day retreat)
  • 12th–16th Dec: Metta Lodge, Johor, (3 day retreat)
  • 16th–21st Dec: Singapore
  • 21st Dec: Return to Sydney.

For further information, check with the local centres closer to the dates and subscribe to our newsletter:

Buddhist Maha Vihara (Brickfields) KL

Returning to Australia

Little Dust will be the priority in 2023, with the aim of bringing Dhamma to Buddhists in regional and rural Buddhist communities across Australia.

We already have our first rural retreat planned for the Australia Day long weekend in January 2023, to be held in Molong, NSW, in conjunction with Central West Buddhists.

See the Little Dust support page to learn how you can help make these projects a success!

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