Dhamma in Dubbo

The last stop on Little Dust’s journey through central western NSW was Dubbo, where I had been invited by the members of the Sri Lankan Buddhist community to give a series of talks, meditation sessions and cultural activities. 

These events included visiting families in their homes so that they could offer a lunch dana, or to give a dhamma talk in the evening. We also had a whole day of meditation practice at the local community centre attended by local folks from Dubbo, who in addition to having lots of questions about meditation, also asked a lot of questions about monk life and Buddhist culture. It was a wonderful mixing of communities that helped enable us to learn from each other.

A favourite moment for me was at a morning talk for young people held in a household who also happened to have a pet rabbit. The bunny was hopping around during my talk, and it was hilarious to see how the eyes of everyone in the room followed the bunny as it bounced around the room. It was the first time I had a rabbit at a Dhamma talk 🙂

Praise for Community Connectors

Thanks so much to the main organiser, Rupika, whose kindness and organisation skills were key to so many different activities during my stay in Dubbo, connecting me to several families, groups and individuals during my stay in Dubbo.. Every community needs an organiser like Rupika! Such people are the glue of communities and without them our Buddhist communities simply can not flourish. Community organisers take it upon themselves to do the hard work organising things behind the scenes so that other people can just turn up and participate without any worries. Such organisers do these tasks selflessly for the benefit of the community, never expecting any thanks. I want to acknowledge the important role people like Rupika play in keeping our Buddhist communities alive and active. SADHU x 3!

May their kindness and generosity of spirit help them swiftly reach the final goal!  

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