Lessons from the Dust

In this recent talk given to members of the Blue Gum Sangha in Sydney, Bhante Akaliko discusses the Dhamma learnings he has gleaned from his travels to various communities across regional Australia whilst working on the Little Dust project.

Bhante talks about the different levels of access and privilege between cities and rural areas in terms of accessing the Dhamma teachings and belonging to a spiritual community. He discusses how fortunate we are to have heard the teachings and to have a community of friends that support us. He warns about taking things for granted and being complacent about our spiritual practice. Conditions are so unstable and impermanent. Our life is short! We must make effort now in our spiritual practice; if not now, when conditions are pretty good, then when?

Thanks to Chrissy for the photo above of disintegrating prayer flags at the KYSL retreat centre at Molong.

Watch the video below:

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