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  • Community Dana in Rockhampton

    Community Dana in Rockhampton

    One of the most enjoyable and memorable events during my stay in Rockhampton was being invited to a lunch dana at Thai Taste, a restaurant owned by Connie and her husband, Nigey. Their business has been operating for twenty years in Rockhampton and seems to be a kind of unofficial cultural outpost for the local…

  • Retreat in Rockhampton

    Retreat in Rockhampton

    This was my second visit to Rockhampton to conduct a retreat at the invitation of the Rockhampton Insight Meditation group. Throughout the short time I stayed at Rockhampton, I feel really blessed to have deepened my connection with the people I had already met before and to have made new friends from various communities.

  • Kindness in Kambah

    Kindness in Kambah

    In March, I had the privilege of staying for two weeks at the Sri Lankan Buddhist Vihara in Kambah, ACT. It is a wonderful place with a dedicated community of monks and lay supporters practicing the Dhamma and maintaining Sinhala language and culture.

  • Lessons from the Dust

    Lessons from the Dust

    In this recent talk given to members of the Blue Gum Sangha in Sydney, Bhante Akaliko discusses the Dhamma learnings he has gleaned from his travels to various communities across regional Australia whilst working on the Little Dust project. He warns about taking things for granted and being complacent about our spiritual practice. Conditions are…

  • Newcastle Death Contemplation at Wallsend Cemetery

    Newcastle Death Contemplation at Wallsend Cemetery

    One of the public events Little Dust ran in Newcastle during January was a Death Contemplation at Wallsend Cemetery. The Buddha recommended going to a charnel ground to confront the reality of Death’s presence in our lives. He frequently taught the importance of reflecting on death to create a sense of urgency and to develop…

  • New and Old Friends in Newcastle

    New and Old Friends in Newcastle

    Over the last five years I have made multiple trips to the Newcastle region. On my most recent visit I caught up with some old spiritual friends and connected with new communities.

  • Dhamma in Dubbo

    Dhamma in Dubbo

    The last stop on Little Dust’s journey through central western NSW was Dubbo, where I had been invited by the members of the Sri Lankan Buddhist community to give a series of talks, meditation sessions and cultural activities.  These events included visiting families in their homes so that they could offer a lunch dana, or…

  • Visit to Wellington Buddhist Centre

    Visit to Wellington Buddhist Centre

    Wellngton is the home of Tharpa Choeling Australia, also known as the Wellington Buddhist Centre, a spiritual oasis of calm and peace in in a small regional town.

  • Meal Offering in Orange

    Meal Offering in Orange

    A highlight of Little Dust’s visit to Orange in January was being invited twice for a lunch dana (meal offering) by members of the Thai community

  • Meditation Retreat in Molong

    Meditation Retreat in Molong

    Little Dust held our very first meditation retreat during January 2023. The long weekend retreat on Taming the Monkey Mind was a collaboration with Central West Buddhists (CWB), an organisation led by Chris Anderson that aims to bring Buddhist teachings and cultural events to communities in the greater central western region of NSW, including Orange,…

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